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Crane Parts

  • 10T Overhead Crane End Beams

    Sinokocranes end carriages adopts European standard design.The end carriages and main girder are connected by high strength screws, the drive are using free maintenace three-in-one gear box, like Germany SEW,ABM Siemens brand drives. which greatly improve the traveling...
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  • 32T Steel Coil Electric Clamp

    The steel coil electric clamp is the ideal lifting tool for hoisting and transfering all kinds of rolling materials, which are widely used in steel plant, wharf, warehousing, logistics, metal rolling, coil processing and other occasions.
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  • Cold Rolling Mill Steel Coil Lifting Tools

    Steel coil lifting hook is mainly consists of lifting hook body and counterweight iron, which will be used to lifting steel coils in the cold rolling mills.
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  • 16T Steel Coil Lifting Hooks

    Steel coil lifting hook also called C-type hook, which is widely used to lifting steel coils in some steel factory, the main feature is free-maintenance and save costs.
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  • Steel Billets Rectangle Magnetic Chucks

    This steel billets retangle magnetic chuck are widely used for transfering steel ingots,steel billets,steel rebars.The working duty is higher than other magnet types because it will be frequently used in steel factory.Normall temperature and high temperature magnets are...
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  • High Quality Crane Power Supply Seamless Busbar

    This kind of seamless busbar is normally used on single girder overhead crane total power supply, if customers choose this type busbar, they need to know the below items: (1) The overhead crane capacity is around 1t~20t. (2) The wroking class is A3~A5. (3) Save cost
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  • Overhead Crane End Carriage

    European standard overhead crane end carriage has module production process, which are specifically suitable for some developement countries, they factroy can't afford the huge cost on this kind of heavy equipments. Normally they will choose to fabricate the main beams at...
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  • Busbar Punching Cutting Bending Processing Machine

    This bus bar processing machine is mainly used for various high and low voltage transmission and distribution complete sets of electrical and power transformers and other copper and aluminum busbar processing, respectively, for copper, aluminum row cutting, punching, bending,...
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  • Crane Safety Limit Switch Devices

    In order to ensure the safe operation of overhead crane and avoid accidents such as personal injury or mechanical damage, It is very necessary to equipped with various safety protection devices such as overload limit switch, heavy hammer limiters, lifting and lowering...
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  • Electric Lever Slab Clamp

    Electric Lever Slab Clamp The clamp is mainly composed of a lifting ear, an opening and closing mechanism, a top beam, and an inlay. The opening and closing mechanism controls the opening and closing of the clamp leg, and locks the slab by the frictional force generated...
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  • 1~15 Tons Hook Scales

    Working principle: When the load acts on the sensor through the hook, slight changes occur in the elastomer of the sensor, so that the resistance of the resistance strain gauge attached to the elastomer changes, and the balance of the bridge is changed. The output voltage is...
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  • Single Speed Remote Controller

    Each crane equipped with a receiving system can receive and monitor all transmitting frequencies. After the receiving system is activated, all transmitting systems have the same operating authority. Main features: Durable, dustproof and waterproof, ergonomic design, stable...
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