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1~15 Tons Hook Scales

Working principle: When the load acts on the sensor through the hook, slight changes occur in the elastomer of the sensor, so that the resistance of the resistance strain gauge attached to the elastomer changes, and the balance of the bridge is changed. The output voltage is changed, and the changed voltage signal is converted into a digital signal by a high-speed, high-accuracy A/D converter. The digital signal is transmitted to the secondary instrument via a collector and a wireless transmitter (or a wired cable). The secondary instrument will perform data calibration processing on the acquired signal, send the corresponding weight value to the display screen, and may also have the printer print, and if necessary, it may be transmitted to the computer management system....

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I.Product accessories:

Scale body, charger, manual, warranty card, remote control, battery

II.Usage and Maintenance

The electronic crane scale is a precision measuring instrument. Special attention must be paid to the following points when using it:

1The anti-vibration and rain-proof performance of the electronic crane scale is good, but it should avoid severe vibration and prolonged rain, especially the crane scale falling from the hook.

2When the electronic crane scale needs to work in high temperature environment, care should be taken not to allow the crane scale to stay in the high temperature area for a long time. The general principle is that the crane scale housing is not hot (70°C) and it will not cause adverse effects on the crane scale. .

3Avoid overloading to avoid damage to the sensor.

4It should be stored in the matching packing box when it is stored. The place of storage should be ventilated and the relative humidity should be no more than 85%.

III.Product Advantages

hook scales 9645212.jpg

(1)Reducing operations, accelerating the speed of metering, saving manpower, material resources, and time, and enabling the goods to be measured during the process of lifting and loading.

(2)It does not occupy space and is easy to use and flexible.

(3)It can make measurement work continuously, and play monitoring and control role. For example, in the electrolysis workshop and metallurgy casting of the non-ferrous industry, the weight of aluminum (steel) water in the aluminum (steel) water jacket can be monitored in a timely manner to achieve maximum use of equipment and energy saving. 

(4) Realize the remote transmission of metering data, focus on monitoring, and make people leave the harsh and dangerous working environment.

(5) It is easy to combine with the crane control system to reduce post settings. The company recently developed a multi-function crane crane electronic crane scale suitable for electrolytic aluminum workshops, which is organically integrated with the crane remote controller.

(6) Metrological verification is convenient and error correction is simple.

(7) Many functions, high precision, strong anti-cheating, low maintenance costs.

(8) The hook-hanging hanging scale affects the height of the crane lifting goods. The carriage type and shaft seat type require the crane to be rebuilt, and the maintenance will influence the operation of the crane. The embedded part is to install the weighing link in a certain part of the crane and does not affect it. The degree of elevation does not affect the operation of cranes. It is a direction for the current development of the industry.

IV. Hook dispaly screen

hook scales.jpg

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