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30T Overhead Crane Remote Control

Each crane equipped with a receiving system which can receive and monitor all transmitting frequencies. After the receiving system is activated, all transmitting systems have the same operating authority. Main features: Durable, dustproof and waterproof, ergonomic design, stable core codec, reliable data communication, well-designed joystick, life expectancy up to 1 million times, smart key, perfect backup capacity...

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I. Basic Information

remote control 321.jpg

Category: Transmitter and receiver

Specifications size: 20*11*9cm

Weight: about 1 kg

Series: Rocker Series

II. Product details: 

(1)Programmable output setting, up to 16 output points via software setting single action

(2)Reinforced plastic shell with nylon plus fiber to prevent damage caused by falling and strong impact

(3)Operating distance can reach to 200 meters

(4)Receiver with output cable, easy to install and fast

(5)Transmitter 3-phase power indication

(6)Accelerated delay setting can be planned (makes the crane run smoothly)

III. Multiple Security Protection Design

remote control   568.jpg

*2 five-speed paragraph feeler

* 6 single speed buttons (including power button)

* 1 emergency stop mushroom head

*1 rotary key

* 2 2-stage selector switches

* 2 3-section selector switches

* Up to 40 relay outputs (software settings)

* can be installed normally closed / normally open relay

* Support passive antenna (optional)

* Operating temperature -35 °C ~ +80 °C

* Transmitter power supply 4 AA alkaline batteries / rechargeable batteries

* Receiver power AC48/110/220/380V optional

* Protection class IP65

* Identity code 4.3 billion sets of unique identifiers

IV. All kinds of remote control

remote control   4904.jpg

V. How to check the fault location of remote receiver

If the anti-theft system of the remote control is too close or the remote control does not work at all, we need to check whether the remote receiver circuit is faulty. To ensure if the remote receiver is working properly, the commonly used method is as follows.

(1) Place the spectrum analyzer close to the receiver and charge the anti-theft system (or the remote receiver). In the frequency band of 200 to 400 MHz, a wavy (reduced) or reversed (inductance) spectrum waveform should be observed. If there is no response on the spectrum analyzer screen, the receiver circuit is faulty.

(2)Use the remote control to transmit signals. Use the oscilloscope to observe the output of the receiver (OUT). The input of the decoding circuit should have a pulse signal output. Due to the different data signals sent, the waveform is a combination of different widths and widths. If the waveform is not normal or the waveform cannot be measured, it indicates that the remote receiver has a fault.

(3)Observe the signal output end of the remote receiver with an oscilloscope. Use a metal object to touch the antenna of the remote receiver. The oscilloscope should have a strong clutter response. Otherwise, it indicates that the receiver is faulty.

(4)Use a remote controller to transmit signals. Measure the voltage of the signal output terminal with the DC voltage of the multi-meter. When pressing the button of the remote control, the voltage of the output terminal should be changed. If there is no response, the receiver circuit is faulty.


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