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Molten Metal Workshop Using Rigid Body Copper Busbar

The form of the sliding contact surface of the aluminum sliding wire is used to make the contact between the current collector and the sliding surface of the guide rail more reliable and stable. Since the rails have the same dimensions as the aluminum rails, some of the accessories can be interchanged to show the versatility of the product. While meeting the power requirements of mobile devices, they can also be used for the transmission bus of fixed devices or for busbars in the workshop....

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Molten Metal Workshop Using Rigid Body Copper Busbar

The steel collector is the main device for picking up electrical energy in the collector side of the trolley line system. It slides the collector brush into contact with the guide rail and conducts the electrical energy directly to the electrical appliance, thereby realizing the mobile power supply of the system. 

The steel collector consists of two parts, the mechanical structure of the tension device and the collector brush that is in direct contact with the rails. Steel current collectors, receivers, power supplies, conductors.

High temperature copper slide lead busbar.png

sliding busbar with copper.png

copper slide lead busbar.pngcopper busbar.pngcurrent collector.png

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