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End Carriages

Sinoko crane can supply customer all capacities end carriages for overhead cranes,
  • 10T Overhead Crane End Beams

    Sinokocranes end carriages adopts European standard design.The end carriages and main girder are connected by high strength screws, the drive are using free maintenace three-in-one gear box, like Germany SEW,ABM Siemens brand drives. which greatly improve the traveling...
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  • Overhead Crane End Carriage

    European standard overhead crane end carriage has module production process, which are specifically suitable for some developement countries, they factroy can't afford the huge cost on this kind of heavy equipments. Normally they will choose to fabricate the main beams at...
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  • 25t Overhead End Carriages

    Sinokocrane is leading European standard overhead crane manufacturer in China,we have modular production line for fabricating different standard overhead crane end carriages.2t,3.2t,5t,10t,16t,20t,30t end carriages all are available.
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  • 5T Single Girder Crane End Carriages

    The European end carriage has many advantages, such as high working level, high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, run quieter, more beautiful and so on, but it also has higher requirements for the precision of processing.
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  • Crane End Truck Motor Driving System

    Our company's production and sales scope: three-in-one frequency conversion motor, European ductile iron wheel set, F series wheel set, hook set, European buffer, friction disc, electromagnetic brake, heavy-duty connector, European standard end beam, etc.
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  • 5Ton EOT Crane End Carriages

    End Carriage Main Features (1)European Standard Design (2)End beam connected by high strength screws, (3)Easy to assembly, Save transportation cost (4)Equiped with three-in-one gear box to achieve free maintenance. (5)The wheel sets adopts forge steel materials
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  • 20T Double Girder Overhead Crane End Carriages

    Sinokocrane end carriage has a compact structure, excellent mechanical properties, smoothly operating, beautiful appearance,which can be customized as customers different requirements.
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  • 3.2Ton EOT Crane End Beams

    Minimize the limit size and increase the effective working area Reduce the height of the plant and save the cost of building Small volume and light weight
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  • SINOKOCRANE Brand VVVF Speed Crane End Beam

    Sinokocrane factory designs end beam for the overhead crane long travelling mechanism, which achieves working duty FEM 3M, 3 in 1 gear box, VVVF travelling speed and longer service life.
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  • Sinokocrane Brand Double Girder Bridge Crane End Carriage

    Sinokocrane brand end carriage provides safety protection, compact design and high performance for double girder bridge crane.
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  • European Type Double Girder EOT Crane End Carriage

    European type EOT crane end carriage is a key part of bridge crane and carries the long travelling mechanism of double girder EOT crane.
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  • SINOKOCRANE Brand European Type Crane End Truck

    SINOKOCRANE brand European type crane end truck is widely applied in overhead cranes, gantry cranes etc.
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