European Electrical Hoist

Sinoko Cranes' European single-beam crane is much more common lifting equipment in modern industry,. It is an important tool to increase production efficiency and reduce labor intensity. It can be widely used in metallurgical plants, warehouses, machinery plants, railway stations, loading and unloading steel materials, docks, scrap iron, iron filings and other materials, construction sites, stations, terminals, industrial and mining enterprises, freight yards, yard, ports and other places. The following features about this hoist you need to know firstly when inquirying: (1) The general capacity is less than 50t, and the span is less than 35m, Single girder cranes are a better choice. (2) The main beam is I-shaped steel or a combination of steel type and steel plate
Feel free to place orders for made in China with our factory. As one of world's biggest European electrical hoist manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer customized service.