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Wire Rope Hoists with Long Term Free Maintenance

Sinokocranes absorbs foreign advanced technical experience and improve the quality of our products. Especially we have close and deep cooperation with KONECRANES in overhead crane and SWF hoist....

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I. Product overview

European wire rope electric hoist is a new high-end wire rope electric hoist, has the following significant advantages.

Shape design replaced the traditional circular design, using square structure, modular design  adopted to increase versatility, it also change the layout form from the original motor - countershaft - reducer - reel to motor - reducer - reel, which can improve the Increasing of height, improve stability and reliability of running, meanwhile which can reduce the manufacturing cost.

II.Product specification.


III. SWF working class choice


SWF working hours.jpg

IV. SWF Hoist advantages

(1) Long service life, high safety, never falling off;

(2) Small current, small size, strong output power, high frequency use;

(3) Beautiful appearance of the product, strong anti-corrosion;

(4) The product runs smoothly, heavy objects will not shake;

(5) Reduce factory height, save construction cost, increase effective work area and reduce customer investment;

(6) Low noise, energy saving pipe environmental protection, light weight, safe and comfortable handling.

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