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High Efficiency Electric Grab used in Grab Crane

Garbage Grab is widely used in refuse plants.Garbage grab crane is core equipment of all garbage incineration power plant waste feeder system in modern city.which is located above waste storage pit.It mainly undertakes feeding and handling of garbage, mixing, fetch and weighing operation...

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The grab bucket is a bucket that grabs sand and all kinds of bulk cargo

It is a kind of lifting device which mainly depends on the right and left of two combination or multiple jaw plates to grasp and unpick the loose material

I.The shape can be divided into the shell grab and the orange peel bucket. The former consists of two complete buckets, the latter consisting of three or more jaw plates.

II.The driving mode can be divided into hydraulic grab and mechanical grab

1.Hydraulic grab.

The hydraulic bucket itself is fitted with an open structure, which is usually driven by a hydraulic cylinder, and a hydraulic clamshell composed of a plurality of jaw plates is also called a hydraulic claw.

Hydraulic grab is widely used in the special equipment of hydraulic type, such as hydraulic excavator, hydraulic lifting tower, etc.

Hydraulic grab bucket hydraulic components products, by the hydraulic oil cylinder, the bucket (jaw), connecting columns, the ear plate, fights the earmuffs, bucket teeth, tooth block and other spare parts, so welding is hydraulic grab the key production processes, the structure of the welding quality directly affects the hydraulic grab strength and service life.

The hydraulic cylinder is also the most critical driving part.

Hydraulic grab is a special industry equipment accessories, need special equipment to high efficiency, high quality of work, such as: CNC plasma cutting machine, bevel edge milling machine, bending machines, welding displacement machine, boring machine, hydraulic test rig and so on.

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