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Garbage Power Plant Garbage Grab with Automatic Weighting System

Garbage Power Plant Garbage Grab with Automatic Weighting System

Garbage Grab handling with semi automatic control is the core equipment factory waste feeding system for city garbage incineration, located above the garbage storage pit, is mainly responsible for garbage feeding, handling, mixing, extract and weighing....

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Garbage Grab Features:

1, advanced hydraulic control technology to reduce the calorific value of hydraulic system, reduce the fault caused by the temperature of the hydraulic system is too high;

2, grasping power, can effectively grasp all kinds of regular, irregular materials;

3, the hydraulic control valve block structure, convenient maintenance.

4, the special design of pins, greatly increased the wear resistance and service life.

Garbage Power Plant Garbage Grab Application:

Waste incineration power plant, waste comprehensive treatment plant, garbage compression transfer station, medical and chemical waste incineration plant.

Garbage Power Plant Grab Crane.jpg

garbage power plant garbage grab.jpg

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