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High Temperature Magnetic Chucks

Our electric lifting magnets are suitable for transporting small sheet metal parts and iron tool parts, as well as for handling big and cast iron and other scrap, small parts, nuts and bolts. Round or rectangular shape, welded or cast type, land use or diving are available....

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I. High Temperature Magnetic Chucks Overview



This type magnets are suitable for handling cast iron framing, steel balls and all kinds of scrap steel.

Applicable to metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other industries to lifting steel and other magnetic materials. It can be used as an electromagnetic manipulator to hold magnetic materials such as steel


II.High Temperature Magnet Features

(1). The coil is made of aluminum wire, the insulation material has good heat resistance, reasonable insulation structure, and the coil insulation is not easy to breakdown.

(2). The electromagnet uses special heat-resistant measures so it can lift scraps below 650°C.


III. Technical data:



IV.Main Features

1) Easy in installation and maintation. 

2) Adopting advanced  anti-heating design for magnets. 

3) Long time free maintenance . 

4) Adipting ABB inverter & motor and SEW reputed European brand 


V. How to select the right magnet modes?

1.When the suction material temperature is lower than 100°C, please use the normal temperature type. When it exceeds 100°C, please select the high temperature type.

2. When the power continuity rate exceeds 60%, please use high-frequency type.

3.When lifting materials underwater, please use submersible type (dive depth 100m). Submersible electromagnets have the same parameters as the normal temperature type. Therefore, the sample is not listed. If the user requires a submersible type, please specify when ordering.

4. Environment temperature: normal temperature -5 °C ~ 40 °C, high temperature -5 °C ~ 80 °C. The altitude does not exceed 2000m.

5. Equipment matching: The power (current) of the rectifier control equipment is more than or equal to the sum of the cold power (current) of single or multiple units.

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