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Handling Scrapped Steels Magnets

Electromagnetic chuck overhead is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other industries to lift steel and other magnetic materials. It is also used as an electromagnetic manipulator to hold magnetic conductive materials such as iron and steel. Magnet crane is suitable for handling cast iron ingots, steel balls and all kinds of scrap steel. The excitation mode has constant voltage mode, strong excitation mode and over excitation mode. This magnet double girder overhead crane is widely used in lifting and moving scrap metal for furnace charging in China ,Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries...

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I. Handling Scrapped Steels Magnets introduction:

Normal temperature series magnetic chuck are suitable for handling cast iron ingots, steel balls and various scrap steels.The excitation mode can be: constant voltage mode, strong excitation mode and overexcitation mode.

II. Normal temperature magnet parameter:

III. Features:

1.The use of special magnetic circuit design, air gap magnetic density is bigger. The coil protection plate is made of rolled high-manganese steel plate with good wear resistance and strong impact resistance. Light weight, low energy consumption, large starting weight and long service life.

2.The insulation structure is reasonable. Insulation treatment uses vacuum drying and vacuum grouting to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil. The heat-resistant grade of insulation material can reach special grade C.

3.The constant voltage control method is usually adopted. If the strong excitation control method is used, the lifting capacity can be further improved.

4.The structure is simple, safe and reliable, suitable for all types of lifting equipment.



1.Within the operating range of lifting electromagnet, (R<5M) is not allowed to stand people.

2.When the lifting electromagnet descends, it must not be dropped so as not to damage the coil.

3.Metals with a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius or above are generally not allowed to be lifted. When hoisting metals of 300 degrees Celsius to 700 degrees Celsius, lifting electromagnets with special heat sinks should be used.

4.Lifting electromagnets continuous operation, In Summer operating time can not exceed 8h, In Winter which can not exceed 12h, in order to prevent the coil from overheating and burning.

V.Our Equipments

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VI.Our certification











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