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Electric Windlass for Construction

A small, small lifting device used to hoist a steel wire rope or chain or lift a heavy weight, or a winch. The winch can lift vertically, horizontally or tilt the weight. The hoist is divided into three kinds: manual hoist, electric hoist and hydraulic hoist. Now it is dominated by electric......

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Electric hoist is composed of electric motor, coupling, brake, gearbox and reel, and is installed on the rack.

Electric hoist can also be called electric hoist.

In the case of high lifting height and heavy loading and heavy work, it is required that the speed regulation performance is good, especially the air hook can be reduced rapidly.

For the installation of a position or sensitive material, to be able to reduce the speed of micro - motion.

Hoist including JK hoist fast and JM slow winch, only can be used on the ground, it driven by motor through flexible coupling, three levels of enclosed gear reducer, tooth coupling driving drum, using electromagnetic brake.

The product high versatility, compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient major, use, transfer, has been widely used in construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining, port, etc material lift or drag, also as a modern electronic control automatic production line equipment.

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