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CXSM European Winch Hoisting Trolley Double Beam Overhead Bridge Crane 20 Ton 25 ton 30 Ton 35 ton 40 Ton

CXSM European Winch Hoisting Trolley Double Beam Overhead Bridge Crane 20 ton 25 ton 30 ton 35 ton 40 ton Brief Introduction: European crane is a high-end overhead bridge crane, it is the china domestic crane users summed up the domestic crane (from the Soviet design and manufacturing......

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CXSM European Winch Hoisting Trolley Double Beam Overhead Bridge Crane 20 ton 25 ton 30 ton 35 ton 40 ton


Brief Introduction:
European crane is a high-end overhead bridge crane, it is the china domestic crane users summed up the domestic crane (from the Soviet design and manufacturing technology) reliable, versatile, low prices, combined with advanced Europe Crane advanced technology, compact structure, light weight, energy saving, low noise and other characteristics, according to China's use of the characteristics of the requirements of the bridge crane,which is a clear market demand, is a new definition of high-end bridge crane.
The concept of European cranes is formed in recent years in the industry, the purpose is different from the so-called domestic, Soviet (Soviet), traditional cranes. Mainly include: bridge cranes, gantry cranes, cantilever cranes, explosion-proof cranes and other industrial cranes.
Continental cranes are based on the European lightweight and modular design concept and advanced manufacturing process, so that the entire crane compact, smooth operation, weight loss, height reduction, energy saving, greatly reducing the user's crane construction costs and crane Operating costs, improve the crane's overall quality and performance. Continental cranes will become the mainstream of the development trend of cranes and market demand.


The main advantages of European cranes can be divided into several aspects:
1, reduce customer investment, make full use of plant space, improve production efficiency
The new European crane products with light weight, small wheel pressure, low equipment, compact structure, small footprint, the use of international advanced technology, from the car, the end beam to the main beam are using the most reasonable structure, Lighter than conventional cranes. Therefore, to meet the same needs in the case, you can reduce the height of the plant to reduce the cross-sectional size of the bearing beam to reduce the carrying capacity of the legs and piles, reducing the track, power supply slip requirements, allowing users in the plant and lifting equipment The overall investment is reduced.
2, combination of good, more specifications, product range is complete, you can cover most of the needs of customers
Domestic traditional hoisting car performance parameters are relatively simple, the lifting capacity of only 5t-100t, the working level is generally M5, M6 two, lifting and running speed can choose a small range, the control method is relatively backward, poor control performance, the user Select a narrow range, you need to add some special features often difficult to meet;
3, safe and reliable, advanced design concepts, mature technology to ensure product design
According to China National "Crane Design Code" GB / T3811, "Crane Safety Regulations" GB6067 and other relevant standards, combined with "European crane design specifications", the safety of lifting equipment to strictly calculate to ensure compliance with standards and regulations. Product design process, the lifting, transmission, braking, operation, electrical and other key institutions to optimize the rope, pulley group, brake and other safety components to strictly calculate the equipment to ensure that the leading design and safe and reliable. In the design of the use of SOLIDEDGE and other three-dimensional development of design software and finite element mechanical analysis software, the use of advanced standardization, modular and lightweight design concept, the product modeling operations, combined with practical experience to ensure product structure optimization and safety reliable. Each new product company will carry out prototype manufacturing and stand-alone product type test, in the type of test to confirm and obtain manufacturing license to the market.
4, advanced control technology and high-quality key components to ensure excellent crane performance
The application of frequency conversion technology makes the product have better performance, hoisting mechanism frequency control, a good solution to the common lifting load load, lifting brake is not smooth, drop brake slip hook and other defects, to ensure that the crane can be no Impact start, zero speed brake; operating mechanism frequency conversion, can achieve the process of the crane operating mechanism without impact from the brake, multi-drive smooth synchronous acceleration and deceleration, to achieve a smooth operation of the crane, while able to overcome the common operation by the crane from Brake caused by the impact of the crane and plant structure, vibration and the resulting crane skew operation. Smooth operation of the body will also bring the relevant parts (reducer, brake, coupling, motor) to improve the situation, thus greatly improving its working life. Excellent use of key components (reducer, brake, coupling, motor) and frequency control technology to ensure that the equipment operating noise is less than 74dB, the equipment running performance greatly improved on the basis of a good improvement of the operator The working environment and operating experience.
5, reliable performance, low failure rate, reduce the use and post-maintenance costs
As the CXT series of European cranes with light weight, high quality, high performance and other characteristics, while the company will be based on the actual needs of customers, customers with the best solution, compared to the traditional from the same weight, the same span and the same level of work Of the lifting equipment in the process of energy consumption can be reduced by more than 30%, can save customers operating costs, but also in line with national energy conservation and industrial policy, and because the company crane using modular design and excellent key components, making Crane trouble-free working hours increased significantly, wearing parts replacement cycle increased, significantly reducing crane maintenance costs. At the same time equipment using frequency control system, the agencies run smoothly, the impact of small, low noise, greatly improving the comfort of the customer operation process.
6, intelligent equipment, set aside a variety of functional interfaces to make functional expansion easier:
CXSM European crane can be integrated intelligent monitor, electronic anti-swing, remote monitoring and other options, to ensure the use of equipment performance and monitoring and maintenance. At the same time equipment provides a variety of functional interface reservation, the customer can, as needed, through the reserved interface to increase the function, convenient and quick to meet the demand conditions.

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