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FEM Standard Low Maintenance Clean Room Cranes

FEM Standard Low Maintenance Clean Room Cranes

Sinoko crane in the clean room and assume the functions on health can meet the most stringent requirements and 100% clean operation....

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Product introduction:

In the electronic workshop, precision instrument workshop, workshop, workshop and other food and pharmaceutical industries, whiteroom "hoisting operation, Sinoko crane in the clean room and assume the functions on health can meet the most stringent requirements and 100% clean operation. Sinoko crane has been actively engaged in the development and construction of innovative, safe, clean and efficient lifting solutions, developed a series of clean room electric hoist in clean space environment applications. We strictly select materials and parts to ensure that our products avoid all kinds of pollution. Our hoist and drive are made entirely of stainless steel, fully sealed drive structure, using Dyneema fiber wire rope and conveyor belt. The surface of the whole equipment is smooth and easy to clean, so it can remove dust at any time. With these clean lifting equipment, customers can easily minimize the risk of pollution, but also maximize the possibility of avoiding substandard products.

Functional characteristics:

Compact design

Clean the floor space is always difficult to maintain and clean. We use modular design and other advanced design concepts, and get the structure of nearly limit compact gourd and car. The overall height between the top of the car and the bottom of the hook is also tight enough to reach the ultimate, but still lift the same weight as the car with a much larger size. The ingenious design of the component makes the car lift the same height load from different directions, which provides the ideal working space for the operators and operators. With the above driving plan, the range of lifting and transporting goods can reach any corner in the cleaning workshop.


The smooth and accurate operation of the electric hoist in the Paavo clean room ensures that the components avoid vibration and fluctuations of their own or environment. Even though it's parked in the air, the sophisticated drive technology guarantees full control of the goods. Safe redundant AC control system makes the equipment run absolutely safe. Very low torque design and high strength structure ensure the excellent performance of our equipment.


In view of the corresponding risks in the clean space, Paavo always adopts high level safety measures to ensure the reliable performance of lifting equipment. We follow strict requirements and standards to ensure that customers enjoy the most secure performance. By virtue of the can meet the strict requirements of various types of clean room, clean room at the special electric hoist can be used in the electronic workshop, dust-proof crane strict precision instrument workshop, pharmaceutical workshop, food workshop workshop dedicated in.

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