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SINOKOCRANE Self Manufacturing DIN Standard Single Beam Crane for Workshop Material Handling

SINOKOCRANE Self Manufacturing DIN Standard Single Beam Crane for Workshop Material Handling is an european single-beam crane, with light weight, compact structure, low energy consumption....

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I. European Type Single Beam Overhead Crane Brief Introduction
European single-beam crane, with light weight, compact structure, low energy consumption. European crane with unique design concept, small size, light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics. Compared with the traditional crane, the distance between hook and the wall is smaller, the minimum clearance height, Sinoko crane can be closer to the front of the operation, lifting higher height, the actual increase in the existing plant effective work space. As the crane has a light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics, the new plant space can be designed to be smaller, more complete function. The smaller plant means that the initial construction investment, as well as long-term heating, air conditioning and other maintenance costs can save a considerable amount of money.

II. Product features
1. Mechanical parts

• Single main beam, welded box, the arch in line with national standards.
• The steel sheet material is Q235B or Q345B.
• The web plate is cut by 40m CNC machine cutting to ensure smooth molding and precision of the crown curve.
• The main weld with submerged arc welding, non-destructive testing.
• After welding the whole beam shot blasting treatment, to Sa2.5 level, to eliminate welding stress.
• Epoxy zinc-rich paint, two bottom two sides, 140μ thick, long life, beautiful appearance, good gloss.
• The main beam and the end beam are connected with 10.9 high strength bolts to ensure the strength and precision of the whole structure.
• The long travelling and trolley are all use three-in-one drive mechanism, variable frequency stepless speed, hardened surface, disc brakes.
• Long travelling level IP55, F-class insulation, power transfer rate of 40% ED.
• End beam configuration flat wheel or double wheel rim wheel, anti-wear bearing, cart buffer block, anti-derailment end plate.
2. Electric Parts
• Long travelling, cross travelling and lifting hoist are Independent operation, can run alone or at the same time.
• Electronic control box anti-corrosion, protection class to IP55.
• All connections are reloaded with aviation plugs and sockets, sealed and fastened
• Control box layout reasonable, easy to repair
• Plug connection with plastic casing insulation protection
• All cables have a line number for easy identification
• Trolley mobile power supply system uses crane dedicated PVC flat cable, pressure rating of 450 / 750V
• Trolley mobile power supply system by the flat cable, galvanized slide and cable pulley, sliding smooth.
3. Safety Protection System
• Long travelling, trolley triple motor anti-fall protection, to prevent accidental fall.
• Rain cover: outdoor crane configuration hoisting mechanism, electric control box and drive mechanism of the rain cover
• Sound and light alarm device
• Wireless collision avoidance device
4. Crane control mode
Pendent line control and remote control

crane parts2.jpg

IV. Specification

specification 3.png

Kindly please provide the following information when sending enquiry to us.

Load capacity

(       )

Tips:1t 2t 3t 5t 10t 15t 20t


(       )


Lift height

(       )


(       )

380V 50Hz AC 3-phase or please note

Working Class

(       )

Tips: A5 if you don't know, please not

Hours per day

(       )

Control way

(       )

Tips: remote control, cabin control or pendent control

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