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Double Beam Semi Gantry Crane with Winch for Rail

I.Brief introduction A double beam and half gantry crane with half feet and half side walking on the roof of the workshop. Widely used in indoor or outdoor material transportation and hoisting work. The double beam half gantry crane is responsible for its work, flexible design environment and......

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I.Brief introduction

Semi gantry crane is between bridge crane and gantry crane is a crane, only one leg, semi gantry crane crane at the other end like bridge crane frame on the workshop crane beam, frame in the workshop on orbit commonly known as the day of the rail, rail in the orbit on the ground say.

Half gantry crane hoisting mechanism, trolley operation mechanism and bridge structure are basically the same as the bridge crane.

Crane running mechanism, because of the large span mostly adopts respectively drive way, in order to prevent the crane skewed operation and increase the resistance, even accidents, so as to prevent the slide under the action of strong wind overturned or, with a sonde and interlock with running institutions of crane rail device.

The semi-gantry crane is generally electric hoist, so the rated weight is usually under 16 tons.

II.Technical advantage

1.Metal structure

The metal structure consists of main beam, supporting leg, upper beam, lower beam, connecting beam, ladder platform and so on.

The legs are welded with box structure, and the force is simple and clear.

Between the leg and the lower beam, the supporting leg and the main beam and the two main beams are bolted to facilitate the disassembly.

The upper beam and the lower beam are mainly welded with the u-shaped beam, the vertical deflection of the wheel, the horizontal deflection and the installation of the large vehicle running mechanism are all guaranteed by the fabrication and welding of the lower beams.

The legs, the upper beam, the main beam and the lower beam are generally required to be installed in the factory to make the marking, which is conducive to the smooth operation of the assembly and the correct and intact metal structure assembly.

The ladder and the protective ring are welded with Angle steel, round steel and flat steel, which is connected with the Angle steel on the supporting leg by the bolt, so as to avoid the welding in the spot and convenient to disassemble and assemble.

Big car operation mechanism.

The crane cart running mechanism adopts drive solutions respectively, namely in the span of the two tracks on both sides of the (one) on upper and lower on the beam and the beam, the two active wheel, each by two copies each of the active wheel independent drive device driver.

2.Performance characteristics

The design is more humanized and convenient;

A beautiful appearance;

Design of lightweight structure, excellent performance of the whole machine;

To maximize the use of plant space and save the investment in plant;

Compact structure and convenient installation and maintenance;

Low cost of parts and parts and maintenance;

The structure is simple, reasonable, efficient and widely used.

Long service life, low wear degree;

The application range is extensive.

3.CNC cutting line


Picture inside factory

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