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Container Yard Fast Speed Container Loading Gantry Crane with Container Spreader

Container Yard Fast Speed Container Loading Gantry Crane with Container Spreader Brief Introduction: Container Yard Gantry cranes are widely used in large tonnage terminals and container berths dock loading and unloading ship and the front yard cargo handling, transportation, stacking operations......

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Container Yard Fast Speed Container Loading Gantry Crane with Container Spreader
Brief Introduction:

Container Yard Gantry cranes are widely used in large tonnage terminals and container berths dock loading and unloading ship and the front yard cargo handling, transportation, stacking operations and other open space.


Brief description of the characteristics of this Container Loading Gantry Crane


(1) car: the whole machine with a single car, including small frame, car operating agencies and lifting agencies and the driver's room, room, electrical room.
(2) power supply: carts with cable reel power supply, power supply for the 380V / 220V, 50HZ three-phase AC power supply.
(3) gantry crane size: length × width of about 60.5m × 18.0m, the effective extension arm length are 12.5m.
(4) the driver room: the driver room and the car with the move, to avoid the collision with the bulk cargo and spreader. The windows on both sides of the cab can be opened and closed, sealed and closed, and spacious, comfortable, with good vision, transparency and moderate space, easy to operate and monitor the operation and maintenance. The cab is equipped with suitable lighting, cooling, heating (air conditioning). Gantry cranes all the agencies are in the driver room manipulation.
(5) Electrical room: The crane has a room, the room is for equipment maintenance with required space, equipped with the electric hoist (hanging and can move horizontally within the coverage) for maintenance work lifting help. And the room with the appropriate lighting.
(6) Outer legs, main beams, end beams, small frames and other main components of the weld without cracks, slag, not melting and other defects, and carried out non-destructive testing. Weld form and quality are in line with the requirements of the relevant specifications.
(7) welding electrodes used in welding rods, welding wire and flux, with the welding material to adapt, and in line with the requirements of the relevant norms.
(8) The main parts: hook surface smooth, no stripping, acute angle, burr, crack, burned and other defects, prohibit the use of welding method to eliminate defects, with X-ray inspection to make a record. Wire rope safety factor of not less than 6, in addition to wire rope in line with the provisions of the relevant norms, we have factory certificate. The ratio of the diameter of the reel to the diameter of the wire rope shall not be less than 18, and the reel shall not be cracked. The wire rope is reliably fixed to the reel and is easy to replace. In use, the wire rope shall not overlap. The ratio of the pulley diameter to the wire rope diameter is not less than 20. The pulley groove is smooth and smooth, with no cracks or damage to the wire rope. The pulley has a device that prevents the rope from jumping out of the groove. Brake parts without cracks, no plastic deformation of the spring, the twist of the flexible rotation, the brake has the frequency of operation in line with the heat capacity. Gears, bearings, lubrication points using centralized lubrication unit. The location of the lubrication point is safe to approach.
(9) electrical equipment: the host frequency 50HZ, voltage 380V / 220V three-phase AC power supply, to the electrical room with cable power supply. The car should be powered by a safety slip device with a power supply voltage fluctuation range of +10%, - 15%, within which all electrical equipment can operate normally. Gantry crane three sets of institutions are used 380V voltage three-phase AC asynchronous motor, and for the hot and humid type. Equipment emergency power switch, short circuit protection, voltage protection and zero protection, overcurrent protection, grounding and other electrical protection devices. The main electrical components (inverter, PLC) using Siemens, Mitsubishi, Shi Naide, ABB brand products.
(10) lighting, signal and communication: gantry crane with normal lighting and portable lighting, the driver's room and the engine room, electrical room and special walkway lighting is not less than the "crane safety regulations" requirements, in addition, Surface lighting, a variety of lighting equipment should consider shock, moisture measures. The gantry crane has a signal indicating the total power separation status, as well as the necessary fault signal or alarm signal. A variety of signals are only set in the driver or the person concerned vision, hearing the place. The gantry crane is equipped with a set of radio intercoms between the driver and the operating surface.
(11) Safety protection:
The gantry crane sets the following safety guards:
Overload limiter: with overload limiter, and issued a prohibited alarm signal.
Rise limit position limiter: Set the rising limit position limiter and issue an alarm signal.
Operation limit position limiter: large, small car running set up limit position protection protection device.
Chain protection device and anti-climb device: access to the driver's room channel, set the chain protection device. When the door of the cab is open, the size of the gantry crane is not allowed to run. The machine is used for open air, there is a non-working state to prevent the wind blowing carts of the device, the device for the mechanical manual, and at the same time with a chain protection.
Sweep plate: cart operation device on the device sweep board, sweep board from the rail surface is not greater than 10mm.
Buffer: The size of the vehicle are equipped with a buffer, with the absorption of the operating body of the energy and reduce the impact of good performance, the protection of the collision force is less than the current standard calculation. The center of the cart is 0.76mm from the top of the track.
Protective cover: gantry crane exposed, there are possible parts of the activities, are equipped with protective cover, the machine dedicated to the laying of the power cable laying, plus cable casing rain cover.
(12) Painting and protection: gantry crane parts in the shot peen to deal with, and then paint. Before leaving the factory, do all the exposed surface of the rust protection measures. The thickness of the corrosion period does not enter the structural calculation. Paint color and color samples, in addition to meet the relevant standards, we will also get your approval.
(13) The overall preload: gantry crane in the factory for car (except wire rope), rack, carts, respectively, pre-installed, check the integrity of parts and size of the correctness, and pre-marked.
(14) Factory inspection: gantry crane operation and lifting structure of the no-load test, lifting structure in the case without a rope. Respectively, to start the structure, for positive and reverse operation test, the cumulative time in more than 5min, the structure is running normally. Can be your own quality inspection departments by item inspection qualified, and issued a test report.
(15) on-site installation: we made a practical installation of the construction organization design engineers approved. Gantry crane hoisting in place, we installed the cart on the installation of the track size, elevation for re-test. If the re-test results do not meet the requirements of JIJ244-95 "port equipment installation engineering quality inspection and evaluation standards", reported to the engineer verification, by the track contractor to correct, and then install the gantry crane. Lifting position to meet the lifting process of the crane does not cause deformation or loss of equipment or components. The installation tolerances of the gantry crane legs, main girder, operating mechanism, hoisting mechanism and parts meet the requirements of JTJ244-95 "Port Equipment Installation Engineering Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standard" and other relevant regulatory requirements.
(16) field test: container gantry crane installed, according to GB5905-86 "crane test specifications and rules" requirements, the gantry crane qualified test, static load test and dynamic test and all other tests.
(17) life: Container loading gantry crane life of 20 years.
(18) Specifications and standards: gantry crane design, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning In addition to meet the requirements of the technical conditions, but also the implementation of GB3811-83 "crane design specifications", GB6067-85 "crane safety regulations" And the industry related to all the norms, norms and standards, the technical conditions such as inconsistent with the requirements of the more stringent implementation.

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