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20T Outside Electrical Singer Beam Gantry Crane

The user should specify the technical requirements of the highest working environment, the minimum temperature and the type of power supply in the selection of the working environment. It can also be designed and manufactured according to the span size required by the user....

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I.Brief Overview


10t Single  Beam  Gantry Crane  hoist is of a box-shape structure. The crab adopts vertical reaction wheel when thelifting load is below 20t, and horizontal reaction wheel when above 20t to run at the girder side. The girder is of single-girder bias track and the leg is L-shaped, so that the lifting space is large and the spanning ability is strong, making it easy to cover the articles from the span to under the jib.

Please share us the above information with us when you need this type gantry crane, also including the working conditions,such as working hour per day and the frequency each hour, environment temperature


III.Our service


1. One year warranty replacement.

2. Free quick-wear parts will be provided and lower charges for continue maintenance when warranty is expired.

3.Technique support: for any time.

4. Free training.

5. English version user manual, parts manual, test certificates, class certificate and all other related documents will be sent together with goods.

6. 0~48h online feedback

IV. ISO Certification

V. Product Displaying

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