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30T/50T L Type Gantry Cranes Solution for Steel Factory

L-type electric hoist gantry crane widely used with the mechanical or steel structure assembly area, construction sites, warehouse yard, docks, and other open-air operations in the site for lifting transport handling and so on. Also suitable for work in the interior workshop....

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I. Brief introduction

L type single girder gantry crane with hook is applied for handling and convey operation outdoors or at warehouse, stock ground, railway station, sea port cargo area, etc. This single girder gantry crane can be also used to do some special operations with a variety of special spreaders.

II.Schematic and Technical Specification

III. Features of L type Single Girder Gantry Crane:

1. Box type girder, L type legs with weld structure, Increasing he work space, and convenient for installation and maintenance;

2. Trolley power supply adopts profiled rails, safety slide line and the cable conductive device system;

3. Components standardization, seriation and generalization;

4. Crane power supply can be from cable reel (left and right) and sliding line( left and right);

5. Good operation vision of cab, equipped the internal linkage control console, flexible and comfortable operation, install of fan, heater, cooler, air-conditions and intercom  according to the customers' requirements;

6. Customized according to the users' needs of working environment, types of power source and the other technical requirements. Also design and manufacture span according to users' requirements.

IV.Product pictures

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