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A4 BMH Type 2T-10T Remote Control Semi-gantry Crane with Electric Hoist Used for Machining Shop

BMH type semi-gantry crane is a kind of gantry crane and is used with CD1,MD1 type electrical hoists.It is a track travelling small and medium-sized crane.The product is a general purpose use crane and often used in meching shop to lift goods.The product has ground controlling or remote controlling system.unload or grab materials.Using a special gear box can make the workshop widely. Also,its proper lifting weight is 1-16tons.Proper span is 5-30 meters and its proper working temerature is -20'C-40'C...

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Semi gantry crane is a gantry crane of a variant, semi gantry crane leg height difference, can be used according to the field of civil engineering request. According to the needs of production, when choose ordinary gantry crane or electric hoist gantry crane is not very ideal, semi gantry crane is a better solution, it end beam in walking on the crane beam, and the other end of the beam on the ground to walk, compared with the electric single-girder crane, save investment and space, compared with electric hoist gantry crane, save the production space, in the long term, also indirect cost saving space, therefore, often used in modern production.


lifting weight:1-16tons.

span:5-30 meters

proper working temerature:-20'C-40'C

Detailed parameter






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