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L Type Outdoor Steel Material Yards Mobile Gantry Crane

I.Technical data (1)Small Capacity (2)Middle Level Capacity II. Related Cases Displaying The L type gantry crane is a very reasonable design for outdoor gantry crane, with very compact structure, and the gantry crane working duty could be A3~A5, that meansit could be medium duty and heavy duty......

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I.Technical data

(1)Small Capacity

(2)Middle Level Capacity


II. Related Cases Displaying

The L type gantry crane is a very reasonable design for outdoor gantry crane, with very compact structure, and the gantry crane working duty could be A3~A5, that meansit could be medium duty and heavy duty two types. and client could chose different working class as your actual working demand.

Single girder gantry crane is very widely using in outside warehouse, factories and mines, station, the main crane picture shows the L type gantry crane, its  appearance is like a letter “L”, and we have many types for the single beam gantry crane, we can also design for your actual demand.


III. About Sinoko 

Henan Sinoko Cranes Co.,Ltd is a modern manufacturing enterprise, which has a tight technical cooperation with Konecrane Group. We focus on the cutting edge technology and developments of European style cranes.

IV.Our Certifications


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