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15T QZ Model Garbage Dump Overhead Garbage Waste Grab Crane

15T QZ Model Garbage Dump Overhead Garbage Waste Grab Crane

Grab overhead Crane is a kind of heavy-duty overhead crane to grab and load coal, ash, coal gangue and other bulk goods and materials. grab overhead Crane consists of Main Girder, End Carriage, Lifting Trolley, grab bucket and Electrical Parts. Generally, the power supply System for trolley and......

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Grab overhard crane is a kind of heavy-duty overhead crane to grab and local, ash, coal gangue and other bulk goods and materials. Grab overhead crane consists of main girder, end carriage, lifting torlley, grab bucket and electric parts. 

Characters of each part of garbage crane 

The Bridge structure of Garbage Crane 

The Bridge structure of Garbage Crane.JPG

It is connected to the bias-track-main beam and end beam. The main material is Q345-B. The main four welding seam and butt weld use automatic welding process. trolley rail pressing plate is the dismountable type.

Crane main beam has anti-vibration lighting, security maintenance power( including security lighting 36V socket,220V maintenance socket, and 380V power socket), alarm bells. The bridge has maintenance platform, that is, crane walkway and handrail. All the handrail have three crossbars, height 1200mm, and corresponding toe guard.

The LT mechanism of Garbage Crane

The LT mechanism of Garbage Crane.JPG

Separated drive model, the wheel group, and the three-in-one" drive unit are installed on end beam. Three-in-one gear motor uses SEW brand. The three-in-one drive unit consists of a hardened-surface reducer and brake motor. Brake motor has the manual release mechanism. At the end of end beam is polyurethane buffers.

Anti-collision infrared devices are needed between two cranes on the same working bay.

The wheels use high-strength ZG50SIMN, 65MN or 42CRMO material. Bearing use heavy center adjustable bearings. All bearings adopt SKF products.

Trolley System of Garbage Crane 

Trolley  (1).jpg

One motor lifts up the four points hydraulic grab through two hard tooth flank gear by driving four steel wire rope on two drums. Upper space is wider than lower of the four rope, which makes grab has anti-sway characteristics and accurate stop location Hard tooth surface reducer use welded housing, carburizing gear grinding process.

Lift motor use variable frequency motor especially for the crane with variable frequency speed regulating, forced air cooling measures in order to ensure that the motor runs smoothly.

Electrical control solution

Garbage Crane Electric Box-01.jpg

The operating mode: Electric Operation concentrated in the control room, using the manual control + Touch Screen advanced semi-automatic control, electrical control use PC +PLC + touch screen+ speed regulating system. The linkage console, operating handle meet ergonomic principle. It can operate any one of the cranes and has interlocking function to prevent two consoles controlling one crane at the same time. The electrical control cabinet installed in the electrical equipment room, stainless steel resistors have placed another room.

Grab for Garbage Crane 

For Grab, we have quality partner, like Peiner, ENBL, AFMT, etc. 



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