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Widely Used Grab Bridge Crane for Various Factories and Mines

Widely Used Grab Bridge Crane for Various Factories and Mines

Grab bridge crane is widely used in power plant, freight yard, workshop, wharf and other bulk materials handling transportation....

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1. Grab bridge crane is widely used in power plant, freight yard, workshop, wharf and other bulk materials handling transportation.

2. Grab bridge crane, crane are heavy duty system.

3. All the mechanisms of the grab bridge crane are operated in the driver's cab, and the direction of the entrance door into the cab is: end entry, side entry and jacking. 

4. The rated lifting capacity of grab bridge crane includes the grab grab white weight. 

5. Grab opening direction with parallel vertical main beam two kinds.


Track determining principle

The following principles: determine the bridge crane track 

(a) can meet the requirements of the stability of gantry crane rail along the direction; 

(b) dimension of goods to be able to smoothly through the legs of flat steel; 

(c) that B and S long wheelbase is proportional, generally the wheel distance B= (1/4 - 1/6 S).


1. The grab bridge crane is mainly composed of box girder bridge, grab car, big car running mechanism, cab and electric control system;

2. The fetching device is a grab which can grab the bulk material;

3. The grab bridge crane has opening and closing mechanism and lifting mechanism, and the grab bucket is suspended on the opening and closing mechanism and lifting mechanism with four wire ropes respectively;

4. The opening and closing mechanism drives the grab to close and grab the material. When the opening of the bucket is closed, the hoisting mechanism is immediately started, so that the four steel ropes can be lifted under the average load. When discharging, only the opening and closing mechanism is opened, and the bucket mouth is opened immediately, and the inclined material is opened. Except the lifting mechanism, the other structural parts of the grab bridge crane are basically the same as those of the hook bridge crane.

Safety protection:

In order to ensure the safety of cranes, set a railing, balustrade height 1050mm, spacing 350mm, two horizontal bar, retaining plate is arranged at the bottom of the bridge height 70mm, under the lights, the driver is arranged inside the insulation rubber and the door switch, the transmission parts are set with protective cover, the railings were also set up a security door the terminal is provided with a travel switch, stop, a stop hook slide wire rack.

Shipping and Packages:


Qualification honor


Required information 

 As the crane is customized, in order to offer most suitable design and best solution,

Please confirm following information when you send inquiry.

1. The lifting capacity __ ton?

2. The span length is __ m? (Span=distance between center of two rails)

3. The lifting height is __m? (Lifting height=Distance from hook to ground)

4. What material is the crane used to lift? How long will the crane work per day and will the crane work at full load

5. What control mode do you prefer? (Pendant control or remote control or cabin)

6. Voltage supply is __V __Hz? (The standard in China is 380V,3Ph,50Hz)

7. Kindly please tell any other special requirements if possible. Also drawing of the plant will be better for our engineer to design our crane

8. Would be better if you have drawings of your plant.

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