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Garbage Handling Garbage Feeding Garbage Cranes with Automatic Weighting System

Garbage Handling Garbage Feeding Garbage Cranes with Automatic Weighting System

Garbage Crane are Mainly for the garbage feeding, handling, mixing, extraction and weighing work....

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Detailed description of garbage grab crane:

1.1 use of garbage handling by semi automatic control of grab crane is the core equipment factory waste feeding system for city garbage incineration, located above the garbage storage pit, is mainly responsible for garbage feeding, handling, mixing, extract and weighing. Feeding: when the garbage in the feed port of the incinerator is insufficient, the crane can grab the waste which is fermented in the rubbish pit and run to the top of the feeding port to feed the hopper of the garbage incinerator. Handling: the garbage close to the discharge door is transported to other places of the storage pit, so as to avoid the congestion of the discharging door, adjust the amount of the rubbish in the pit, and store the amount of waste incineration for 3~5 days. Mixing: because the domestic waste water content is higher, the combustion value is low, the garbage stays in the storage pit for a certain period of time, through natural compression and partial fermentation, reduce the water content, improve the calorific value. The mixing of old and new refuse can shorten the fermentation time. In addition, due to the complexity of the composition of the domestic waste, the content of components change greatly, in order to avoid the nature of the garbage into the furnace is too large, also need to pit the necessary mixing and mixing garbage. Extract: remove accidentally into the storage pit, but not burned objects removed. Weighing: in order to count the actual incineration amount of garbage, weighing the garbage into the feeding port before the garbage is put into the feed port of the incinerator. Because of the characteristics of the work of high level waste grab crane and crane itself, has brought great challenges to the stable and reliable operation of the system, our company through the operating characteristics in the lifting industry work to accumulate and summarize the garbage bucket, developed specifically for the trash catch method of variable frequency control of bucket crane design, the crane can run steadily and reliably. A crane handling system consisting of two garbage grab cranes (one work and one spare) is used to complete the garbage feeding, stacking, mixing, moving and crushing of waste incineration power plants. Each crane has its own independent electrical control system, operation console and HMI display panel, according to the needs of users can provide manual, semi-automatic control system. Hand, automatic switching convenient and quick.

grab crane control.jpg

1.2, the main characteristics are as follows:

1, large speed range: due to the characteristics of garbage grab and improve efficiency, so that the speed of the system requirements are very large, our company can provide multi-level speed control and stepless speed regulation according to the needs of users.

2, stable operation: acceleration and deceleration on traffic control effectively to avoid the use of Torque Motor Grab sloshing optimization, which not only makes the system run smoothly, to provide a good environment for the measurement of the weighing system. Weighing system and control system cooperate with each other, but independent design, one side of the fault will not lead to another set of systems can not work properly.

3, a variety of control methods and instructions: V/F control, vector open loop or vector closed loop control. In the special case of the user, we have a variety of instructions to choose from, there are potential bar, 2-4 master console, 0~10V or 4~20mA analog signals.

4, convenient hand, automatic switching: through a simple setup, system can run in automatic mode, automatic feeding, weighing TOSP and other functions, and can provide self protection, at the same time, as long as the operator input (automatic operation data set, except) can be restored to the manual state. In order to ensure the safety of. Implementation of convenient switching, manual priority". Efficient automatic operation.

A. automatic feeding feeding: such as the picture shows, only two position on the touch screen to select the loading position and the feeding mouth, setting the feeding weight, the system can automatically complete the feeding work, greatly alleviate the work intensity of operators.

B. automatic stack: as shown in the stack picture, just click on the two positions of the touch screen to select the location and location of the feeding, set the weight of the inverted stack and the height of the stack, the system will automatically stack.

C, perfect monitoring and a variety of reliable and effective protection measures: operating room area protection, anti overturning measures, grab crane anti-collision, limit switch, and at the same time as the lifting mechanism, is also equipped with a hammer type emergency stop. Interlock control with discharging system. Through the chain and unloading control system, can protect and grab unloader, to prevent the collision, to ensure the safety of. Summary of electric control system of garbage grab crane: crane electric control system adopts the advanced "touch screen +PLC+ variable frequency speed regulation" control scheme at home and abroad, and realizes the comprehensive monitoring, automatic control and high-precision speed regulation function of the whole machine. All the mechanisms of the crane (except grab) adopt digital frequency control device, the whole machine adopts PLC control, the crane can realize automatic grasping, handling, berths and other functions, that is manual / automatic operation. Semi automatic mode: automatic crane run to the loading position, manual closed grab garbage, then according to the set feeding address, crane under program control, automatic operation to the feeding position, realize weighing and recording the weight of the garbage bucket, open grab, garbage into the hopper, the feeding is completed after automatically return to the garbage pit, complete the feeding process. Weighing: the crane small frame is equipped with a set of weighing device, and has automatic peeling, semi-automatic weighing, display, cumulative, print and other functions, used as process measurement and overload protection. Weighing display equipment is installed in the driver's cab, which is used to display, statistics and record the feeding parameters. The weighing accuracy is 1%, and it is transmitted to the control room through the signal line, and the microcomputer system is used to measure and print the history inquiry of the control room, and the weighing system also has the overload alarm function. The cab is equipped with the control mechanism of the crane, and the controller is installed on the linkage platform to control the lifting

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