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5/5T~16/16t Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane with Magnet

5+5t ~ 16+16t Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane with Magnet has a removable disk, especially for the handling of magnetic properties of ferrous metal products and materials, such as steel ingots,......

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I. Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane With Magnet Product Description

overhead crane 1.jpg

The magnet crane has a removable disk, especially

for the handling of magnetic properties of ferrous

metal products and materials, such as steel ingots,

steel, such as iron blocks. Mainly used for iron and

steel enterprises rolling line, finished product library,

shipyard steel yard, cutting workshop, etc.

The Electromagnetic hangings with Simple structure, balanced force, the Electromagnetic sucker are easy

to disassemble.

overhead crane 2.jpg

overhead crane 3.jpg

The lifting mechanism using a single motor driven

single drum or double drum structure, to ensure the

synchronization of the lifting material.

Hanging beam metal structure using steel plate welded box type beam, hanging beam on the electromagnetic sucker can be disassembled, easy maintenance.

overhead crane 4.jpg

II. Double Girder Overhead Traveling Crane Product Diagrams And Technical Specifications

Overhead Crane with Craaier Beam .jpg

III. Key production process control of Traveling Crane with Magnet:

Welding process: We perform special process control procedures, control strictly in terms of the operating environment, consumables selection, training, and other special operations. The major welds used automatic submerged arc welding process to ensure weld quality and test report issued.

Main girder production: We have three main girder production lines, use automatic hydraulic pressure of the main girder assembly machine Group, to ensure the main girder of the technical requirements. And we use double-sided automatic submerged arc welding process, to ensure the realization Pre-camber.

Crane assembly: We have three assembly lines crane bridge, through the process of process control, machine to achieve quality assurance; through the process flow control, ensure the whole machine quality.

Electrical equipment parts: All wiring of the components in the electric control box have been completed and pre-commissioning by power on test and loading test. Meanwhile, all the wiring are marked by line number ,no falling off; Each line of the sequence is very clear and easy to repair in the future. All external connections of electric control box adopt aviation fast plug, which has the feature in easy plugging, high protection class and long service time; also prevents from electric leakage, shock and other security incidents.

IV. Main production equipments of our company
Our main production equipments are: Steel plate pretreatment line, Steel plate decoiling, leveling & cutting line, Steel plate CNC cutting line, Main beam welding machine, Main beam assembling machine, Boring miller machine, Bridge pre-assembling platform, Shot blasting machine, European hoist test station, CNC vertical machining center,Heavy duty 2285B CNC vertical machining center ect.

Kindly please provide the following information when sending enquiry to us.

Load capacity

(       )

Tips:5+5t ~ 20+20t


(       )


Lift height

(       )


(       )

380V 50Hz AC 3-phase or please note

Working Class

(       )

Tips: A5 - A6 if you don't know, please not

Hours per day

(       )

Control way

(       )

Tips: remote control, cabin control or pendent control

Lifting Speed

(       )

Tips: single speed or double speed

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