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4 Sets Lectromagnet For Lifting Billet Billet And Slab Ordered By Vietnamese Customers
Apr 18, 2017

Vietnamese customers order MW22 series electromagnet from Sinoko Crane. There four sets electromagnet are used for lifting high temperature steel bars (650 ° C).

High temperature resistant electromagnetic features:

  1. It adopts full-sealed structure and good moisture-proof performance; non-magnetic protective plate adopts rolled manganese plate, which has good weldability, good magnetic barrier performance, wear resistance and impact resistance.

  2. The excitation coil is treated by special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil. The heat resistance grade of the insulation material reaches C grade and the service life is long.

  3. The ultra-high temperature electromagnet adopts unique heat insulation and heat radiation prevention measures, and its suction temperature is increased from 600 degrees to 700 degrees in the past, which expands the application range of the electromagnet.

High temperature resistant electromagnetic.jpg

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