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50T/20T Lamination Hook Assembly To Chittagong
Aug 17, 2018

The Laminated Ladle hook is mainly used lift tundish, molten iron pot, ladle pot in all kinds steel mill factories, have the character of simple structure, easy operation, and high safety.

Our customer order 4 sets 50T/20T Laminated Ladle hook, with the characters as following:

1. Processing and production according to metallurgical crane standard.

2. The size of the center distance between the pieces of the gantry hook pulley and the plate hook shall be in accordance with the size of the gantry hook.

3. The pulley is made of cast steel pulley and the pulley must is the same size as the original pulley.

4. The shaft pin adopts Q235B steel with surface adjustment

5. The bearings are manufactured by the regular manufacturer and meet the national quality requirements.

6. The warranty period of the gantry hook is one year, and the manufacturer will be repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period

Lamination Hook Assembly.jpg

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