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Sinoko Crane Literary Party In Summer
May 27, 2018

Our boss, Mr. Cai, made a passionate opening speech. In his speech, he reviewed the development history of Sinoko Cranes’ ten years of struggle. From the birth of the company, determination, galloping, breakthrough, and wings-building, each footprint has united the sales elites to meet difficulties. Dedicated to enterprising and loyal to the spirit of the new department. Each of the footprints reflects the spirit of each employee of the new division who is united and bravely climbs the peak. Especially in the three months of March, April, April and May of 2018, all employees of Sinoko Cranes Company have overcome all unfavorable factors and worked together to make our output value reach the best level in the history since the establishment of Sinoko Crane, and further development of the company. Laid a good foundation. In the end, Mr. Cai also put forward requirements and expectations for the future development of Sinoko Crane, and encouraged every new person to keep moving forward.

Sinoko Crane 1

The whole performance was rich in content and varied in form. The performances on the stage were brilliant and the audience under the audience applauded. We are delighted to see the good spirits and good artistic accomplishment of the employees. It is particularly worth mentioning that the general director of the party, Mr. Lin, has brought the finale of "The Road to Love" to the climax. With the singing and laughter, this summer evening ended.

Sinoko Crane 2

Party silhouette

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