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Overhead Crane

  • Single Girder Crane

    Available in capacities up to 32T Spans up to 39M Applications: Single girder crane is suitable for the warehouse, workshop, power station and other places without power supply maintenance equipment, lifting equipment items.It can be used with manual monorail trolley and hand...
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  • 10 -50ton Warehouse Specialized Double Girder Overhead Crane

    Double Girder Overhead Crane, 50t Overhead Crane, 30t Overhead Crane manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Warehouse Specialized Double Girder Hoist Crane 10 -50ton, 5ton Single Girder Overhead Crane, 20t Double Girder Overhead Crane and so on.
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  • 140T Heavy Duty Metallurgical Overhead Cranes

    Metallurgical cranes are mainly used in metal smelting, bundling and hot processing. Including open hearth charging bridge crane, overhead crane, traveling crane, ground charging crane,forging crane, heating furnace loading crane, material box-electromagnetic crane, material...
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  • 3t Pendent Line Control Single Girder Overhead Crane

    Pendent Line Control Single Girder Overhead Crane is widely used for all kinds industry workshop. For hard environment please tell our sales engineer to design a suitable crane solution for you.
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  • 5T Double Girder EOT Cranes

    5Ton European standard double girder EOT cranes has many advantages, such as high working level, high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, run quieter, more beautiful and so on, but it also has higher requirements for the precision of processing.
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  • 50t CRM Shed Double Gider Overhed Cranes

    50/5t Double Gider Overhed Cranes equiped with rotary hook for steel factroy rolling mill shed, the wroking class can reach to FEM M8, the top level of overhead crane working class.
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  • 5T LD Type Soft Start Motor Single Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist

    This model of single girder overhead crane is very popular because of the reliable price and easy maintainance. This crane belongs to light duty crane, can be used with single or double speed lifting hoist. If the workshop clearance height is limited, the top running type...
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  • Workshop Use 5T 10T 16t 20T Single Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist

    LDA Single Girder Overhead Crane is very popular for material transfering in every type industries. For example, the manufacturing workshop, mold inject workshop, machining workshop and so on
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  • 100T 20T 200T 50T Hydroelectricity Power Station Overhead Crane

    I. Profile The overhead crane in generator plant at the hydroelectric power station bears the lifting task of rotor, stator and reel of generator set running equipment and other key equipment at the station construction stage. As well as the lifting task of equipment...
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  • 5T 50T Explosion Proof Double Beam Overhead Crane

    I. Profile QB type explosion-proof bridge crane’s all motor and explosion-proof electrical performance accords with the GB3836.2 "explosive gas atmospheres electrical equipment - Part Two: flameproof type" d "," JB/T5897-2006 ". By the national...
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  • 5T 10T Insulation Hook Cap Overhead Crane

    I. Profile QY type insulated hook bridge crane, suitable for smelting aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metal materials factory workshop. The crane is composed of four parts: Box Bridge, big car running mechanism, trolley and electrical equipment. In order to prevent...
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  • 40-500T MG Type Heavy Duty Mobile Double Girder Gantry Crane

    MG type double girder gantry crane composed of gantry, crane crab, trolley traveling mechanism, cab and electric control system, the gantry is box-shape structure, the track is at the side of each girder and the leg is divided into type A and type U according to user’s...
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