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Heavy Duty Cabin Control Electric Double Beam Overhead Crane with Grab

QZ twin beam grab bridge crane is composed of box bridge, big car running mechanism, trolley, grab and electric control device. The car adopts the safety sliding contact wire, the car adopts the cable conduction, the various organs can configure the resistance speed control system....

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This crane is widely used in power plant,yard,workshop,wharf and so on.

This product should not work in the flammable,explosive medium or in the place of high humidity and acid and alkali gases,and it is not suitable for the work of hanging molten metal,poisonous and combustible materials.

The crane is a heavy-duty working system with a working level of A6.

All the institutions are operated in the driver's room,and the door of the driver's room is entered in the direction:end,side and top.

The weight rated includes the grab weight.

The clamshell opening direction has two parallel and vertical main beams.

The device is a four-rope grab with a simple structure and reliable work.

The grab can open and close at any height.

The grab only applies to the bulk material of the natural accumulation state, when grasping the underwater material or special special materials must be specially put forward when ordering.

This crane can be used indoors or outdoors.It can also be used in outdoor use

According to the requirements of the crane,the cranes can be divided into two types:single rope grab, double rope grab,electric grab and grab bucket.

The grab can be opened and closed at any height,and when the material is below 100mm,the effect is good and the productivity is high.

When the scraping material is larger than 200mm,the tooth grab should be selected.

The grab bucket is only suitable for the scattered hand material in the natural accumulation state. When grasping the underwater material or special materials,it must be put forward in the order.

Rain - proof facilities should be used when used in the open air.

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