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SWF Double Girder Overhead Crane with Free Maintenance Trolley

SWF Double Girder Overhead Crane with Free Maintenance Trolley

Advanced technology:European standard, all mechanism controlled by inverters, working class up to A8...

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I.Proudct Features

The application of new materials and new technology, optimize the gear design and improve the bearing capacity and optimize the processing technology, so that the turning is more stable and improve the turning efficiency. Meanwhile noise is also improved. Improve accessories such as wire rope, bearings, contactors, transformers and other quality, improve service life.






Crane system

Strong main beams, double end trucks

Q345B Mn carbon structural steel with seamless once forming technology more strong and elegant. Strong box type with standard deflection


Inter-medium quenching by top technique machinery

Lifting trolley

Work duty:A7

Independent double electro-hydraulic drum brakes, reducer, drum, motors; Insulation IP 55 high class;

Protection F class

Crossing motor on trolley

Three-in-one SEW(H)

Long traveling motor and gear box

 Three-in-one SEW(H)


Used for anti-collision

III.Basic Functions

(1)Lifting and travelling limit switches;

(2)Emergency Stop;

(3)Loss voltage protection;

(4)Grounded protection;

(5)Overload protection ;

(6)Short circuit protection;

(7)Overheating protection ;

(8)Over-speed protection ;

(9)Over-current protection;

(10)Faulted phase protection,

(11)Whole crane frequency control with encoder.

IV.Our Business Partner


If you are interested in our cranes, please contact with us when feel free.We will do our best to meet your requirements.


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