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High Quality 50T European Design Double Girder Bridge Crane for Machinery Manufacturing

High Quality 50T European Design Double Girder Bridge Crane for Machinery Manufacturing

Overhead Crane, European Double Girder Overhead Crane, European Eot Crane manufacturer in China, offering European Type Electric Double Girder Overhead Crane, 5t 10t 20t 30t 40t 50t 100t Rail Mounted Double Girder Overhead Crane, 125t 160t 200/50t 250/50t Bridge Overhead Crane and so on....

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European double girder overhead crane is a type of overhead crane designed with the FEM standards. Concerned on meeting customers’ material handling requirements, SINOKO CRANE is always focusing on high quality and product innovation to provide you good quality, safe and reliable material handling equipment to realize our goal that to lift you up easily and create more values for customer in long run.

Due to the design advantages, European Design double girder overhead crane could help you to lower initial investment for factory construction, increase productivity, and lower efforts for daily maintenance, and reduce energy consumption, and obtain higher return on investment.

Features For Key Parts


The whole machine structure

1 Compact   structure, low headroom, small dimension

2 Light   weight, small wheel load

3 Saving   steel structure height and construction cost

4 Reducing   limiting size, increasing efficient working space free

5 Maintenance-free


Main beam

1. Ultrasonic   detection

2. CNC   cutting, smoothing deflection curve

3. Strong   box design, less distortion

4. Automatic   welding

5. Whole   beam shot blasting treatment class: Sa2.5, Relieving welding residual stress

6.Epoxy   zinc-rich paint,10 years life span for anti-rust


Lifting mechanism

1 Flexible side hanging lifting system

2 Modular design, easy installation and   maintenance

3 Level type controlled trolley travelling   speed


Lifting Motor

1 Squirrel cage, double speed or inverter   motor, maintenance-free

2 High protection class IP54

3 Continuous operation duration factor   60%ED

4 Built-in thermostat overheating protection,   Optimization of air-cooled


Drum and wire rope

1 Super large diameter

2 Welded drums, light weight

3 Large wire rope curvature

4 High location accuracy, small   deviation

5 High strength galvanized steel wire rope,

6 No need anti-rust oil, maintenance-free,   clean

7 Nodular cast iron rope guide, little   wear, long operating life



Electric control box

1 Surface by the anti-corrosion treatment

2 Reasonable layout, easy maintenance

3 Protection class IP54

4 Ambient temperature: <45°Chumidity <90

5 Cable with color marks and galvanized   steel pipe protection

Trolley cable.jpg

Trolley cable dragging system

1 Consisting of flexible flat cable, cable   trolleys, C channel

2 Flat cable with good flexibility

3 Aerial socket connecting, one to one   correspondence, convenience of connection

4 Maintenance free, long operating life.

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