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Intelligent Overhead Cranes for Cold Rolling Mill Plant

Intelligent Overhead Cranes for Cold Rolling Mill Plant

Sinokocranes supply overhead cranes for annual output of 300 thousand tons of high quality cold-rolled silicon steel project....

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1.1 project name:Sinokocranes supply overhead cranes for annual output of 300 thousand tons of high quality cold-rolled silicon steel project.

1.2. undertakes the basic situation of enterprises:

The nature of 1.2.1 enterprise: Henan Sinoko crane Limited  Ltd is an individual joint venture enterprise in china. Establishment of 1.2.2 corporate sponsors of legal person: corporate Cai Yinxiu BERIS Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. Qinhuangdao research and Design Institute of the Zhao Zongbo matrix: Enterprise: Henan sinoko crane is one of the Limited by Share Ltd and the world's largest professional manufacturer of crane, Konecranes International Company for technical cooperation in the formation of the modern enterprise, which is Berlusconi heavy equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the domestic partners. The company is located in the "Henan Changyuan County of Xinxiang City, Henan province China crane town" reputation of the Crane Industrial Park, 1200 people, among them, high, intermediate professional and technical personnel 180 people, with all kinds of advanced production and testing equipment more than 210 sets, the basis for the production of high-quality products and laid a solid. Shinco company and Berlusconi Group signed a technical cooperation agreement overall, Shinco crane using Berlusconi sinoko crane technology, small size, light weight, maintenance free performance, work rate, advanced configuration, such as high strength galvanized steel wire rope, lifting adjustfree disc brake, lifting toothedsurfacereducer, programmable from ceiling who is, in the domestic crane products. 

The sinokocrane company's main products are various kinds of electric hoist gantry crane of domestic, European various small double beam bridge crane, European car. Electric hoist and various domestic gantry crane design and production process in full accordance with the "crane design standard", "crane safety regulations" and other relevant state standards, the level has reached the domestic advanced level. CXT European type of various light small bridge crane double beam and the European car, the key core components using SWF speed Wei (former Keni), according to Keni's drawings and technical requirements for the production of the components, the machine has reached the international advanced level. 

Through years of operation, the practice philosophy of Shinco adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising", with excellent product quality, perfect customer service service, quickly won the favor of customers at home and abroad, the total assets of the company in 2010 reached 120 million, has won the China famous trademarks, China machinery 500 (enterprise), Chinese crane industry famous brand, the most competitive China ten well-known brands and many other awards. And through the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, comprehensively enhance the overall management level of the enterprise. 

The company has strong R & D strength.  The company now has a technical department, technical management in charge of the company of various products. There are more than 170 professional and technical personnel, including 4 senior engineers, 20 engineers and 105 assistant engineers, all of whom have a college degree or above. At the same time have good relations of cooperation with Finland Shinco Berlusconi company and Luoyang Mining Institute, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, Beijing iron and Steel Research Institute, Design Institute of the Ministry of Railways has advanced crane optimization design software and simulation software. The company has an annual sales revenue of 8% as R & D investment. 

This project has applied for a utility model patent 9, so that the production of European crane products are smaller and more advantages of material saving, high safety, large carrying capacity, low pollution, and more ergonomic design, which belongs to the high-end products in the intelligent crane industry. The company has a sound product quality assurance system, there are perfect quality inspection institutions and quality inspection personnel, and equipped with a variety of appropriate quality inspection equipment. For quality inspection personnel regularly training and assessment, for the manufacture of high quality products laid a solid foundation. ? BERIS Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the MCC Orient Corp), by China Metallurgical Construction Group, Baotou iron and steel design and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Baotou Academy), with the vertical restructuring of the establishment of a large-scale comprehensive engineering company, founded in December 21, 2004. Registered in Qingdao Chinese metallurgical Orient Corp the predecessor of Baotou iron and steel design and Research Institute was founded in 1957, the Ministry of metallurgical industry in metallurgy (57) No. 121st and (57) the rule set office word no. 197th decided to set up a design institute in Baotou, and from Beijing Design Institute of ferrous metallurgy equipment deployed 455 technology and management staff set up, known as the Beijing black Metallurgical Design Institute Baotou branch. In December the same year was renamed Baotou ferrous metallurgical design institute. In the structural reform of the State Council, the Ministry of metallurgical industry was revoked and the State Metallurgical Bureau was revoked. [1999] the notice of No. twenty-second of the collection of tubes in MCC, Baotou was renamed as the Baotou iron and steel design and Research Institute of China Metallurgical Construction group. To December 21, 2004, restructuring established BERIS Engineering Technology Co. ltd.. 

After more than 50 years of construction and development, China Metallurgical Orient Corp has developed into a first-class domestic engineering design, design and turnkey turnkey project of large-scale integrated engineering company. Contract projects, all over the country 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of more than 100 large and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, the technical cooperation and technical exchanges or joint design and more than 40 countries and regions of the manufacturers, carry out engineering design and general contracting business in Indonesia, Jordan, India, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Over the years, winning a total of hundreds, which won the national level

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