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Single Girder Overhead Crane

  • Single Girder Crane

    Available in capacities up to 32T Spans up to 39M Applications: Single girder crane is suitable for the warehouse, workshop, power station and other places without power supply maintenance equipment, lifting equipment items.It can be used with manual monorail trolley and hand...
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  • 3t Pendent Line Control Single Girder Overhead Crane

    Pendent Line Control Single Girder Overhead Crane is widely used for all kinds industry workshop. For hard environment please tell our sales engineer to design a suitable crane solution for you.
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  • 5T LD Type Soft Start Motor Single Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist

    This model of single girder overhead crane is very popular because of the reliable price and easy maintainance. This crane belongs to light duty crane, can be used with single or double speed lifting hoist. If the workshop clearance height is limited, the top running type...
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  • Workshop Use 5T 10T 16t 20T Single Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist

    LDA Single Girder Overhead Crane is very popular for material transfering in every type industries. For example, the manufacturing workshop, mold inject workshop, machining workshop and so on
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  • LD Type Electric Single Beam Crane

    LD type electric single beam crane has the characteristics of reasonable structure and strong rigidity.The complete machine and CD1, MD1 electric hoist matching use, is a light and small lifting machinery.Its lifting weight is 1t-20t.Span 7.5 28.5 m, the level of work for A3,...
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  • LDA Electric Single Girder Overhead Crane

    This product is widely used in factories, warehouses, yards and other occasions to lift goods, prohibited in flammable, explosive and corrosive medium environment. The product is equipped with ground and control room two operating forms.The control room has two types: open...
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  • Single Girder Overhead Cranes

    LD Series Single Girder Overhead Crane Lifting Capacity: 1~32t ( Customized ) Span: 7.5m~35m ( Customized ) Lifting Height:6~100m ( Customized ) Working Class: A5,A6 Supplied with CD/MD wire rope electric hoist or ELK chain Electric hoist LD series single girder overhead...
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  • Single Girder EOT Cranes

    Single girder EOT crane is a light and small material handling equipment. The whole set single girder EOT crane is used with CD and MD type electric hoist, electric chain hoist, etc. Single girder EOT crane applicable lifting weight is 0.5 t-20 t, span is 3 m-31.5 m, lifting...
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  • Single Beam EOT Crane

    10ton single girder overhead crane is designed as light type lifting equipment, this type crane is equipped. with strong rigidity and reasonable structure, the crane all standards used is according to China National Standards and ISO standard. Crane capacity: 1t~ 20ton crane...
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  • Single Girder Bridge Cranes

    It is one kind of light duty crane, is equipped with electric hoists and widely used in Steel Plant, Cement Plant,Power Plant ,Mine Industry,Food Industry,Chemical Industry,Ship yard,Stone Yard, and Warehouses,ect Parameters Safety Device 1. Crane traveling limit switch 2....
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  • Underslung Overhead Travelling Crane

    Single-girder overhead cranes usually refer to single-girder bridge cranes or Single-beam bridge Crane. Which is composed of main beam, end carriage,CD and MD model electric hoist, and electric power transmission device. Features of Single girder Overhead Cranes 1.Weight...
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  • Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

    Single girder overhead travelling crane has the advantages of rational structure and strong rigidness of whole unit which will be used together with electric hoist in the operation. They are applicable to the transfer assembly, check and repair as well as load and unload at...
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