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Casting Shop Steel Billet Lifting Crane with Billet Clamp

Casting Shop Steel Billet Lifting Crane with Billet Clamp;Billet Handling Crane,Billet Overhead Crane...

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Metallurgy, casting and casting crane is one of the types of bridge cranes. Because it is widely used in metallurgy, casting, casting industry, and more products, so here alone to introduce.

Metallurgical casting and casting crane is a kind of special crane suitable for hot working conditions such as metal smelting, rolling and so on. It is directly used in the process of metallurgical casting and casting.

Classification of metallurgy, casting and casting cranes:

1. hearth furnace crane with that rod as fetching device of the overhead crane, the hearth furnace.

2. the material box crane uses the material box hanger to make the material box hang up, transport and dump the material, and it is used for the converter feeding crane.

3. A casting crane having a crane for lifting and dumping steel (iron) in water.

4. stripping crane bridge crane has a stripping mechanism, can make the ingot to emerge from the ingot mould.

5. the application of vertical clamp clamp crane as fetching device of crane, used for clamping the billet into the pit in the treatment.

6. uncovery crane used for hot rolling mill, to open or close the lid with soaking pit.

A crane with a rake (or an additional electromagnetic chuck) and a tilting mechanism that allows the harrow to roll over; used for handling and stacking or casting of bar blanks.

8. a forging crane has a bridge crane that enables forgings to be raised, turned and buffered. There are other uses for metallurgy, casting, casting, cranes, such as quench cranes, slab handling cranes, etc..

Special clamp for billet:

The gripper device for carrying slab is developed and produced on the basis of many years' experience in production and by absorbing the advanced experience of similar products at home and abroad. The utility model has the advantages of no power consumption, no electromagnetic interference, safe and reliable use, and strong adaptability. The actual use proves that the hanger can freely assemble and unload the billet without the ground personnel. It is an ideal spreader for steel billet.

Basic principles and operating conditions.

billet handling crane clamp.jpgbillet lifting clamp.jpg

1.1 basic principles

The clamping and unloading of the billet are accomplished by lifting the crane and lifting the weight of the crane through the automatic clamping device of the clamp (sliding type headstock gear). Its basic working principle is simple lever principle.

1.2 conditions of use

1.2.1 the normal temperature type is clamped, the temperature is not more than 500 degrees, and the high temperature type is not more than 1250 degrees centigrade.

1.2.2 both indoor and outdoor use.

1.2.3 maximum clamping width and minimum clamping width difference is not greater than 400mm, otherwise it is not safe.

Product model and Its Implications


The clamp used for lifting billet is specially designed for lifting steel billets of more than 60mm thickness. It is mainly suitable for the pickup, lifting and lifting of single-layer and multilayer plates, and the lifting and lifting of single row of multi row billets.

Structure and characteristics

The 4.1 structure is composed of chain, lifting beam, curved plate, sling splint, automatic clamping device, jaw and other main components. Small structure, little trouble.

4.2 slip automatic clamping device, simple structure, high reliability. The clamping billet is flexible and reliable.

4.3 all mechanical automatic clamp and billet, without electricity, belong to environmental protection and energy saving products.

4.4 the main joint points (lifting capacity >=15x104N) using self lubrication bearings of new technologies. Extended service life, maintenance free.

4.5 the spreader splint is made of alloy steel, and the connecting shaft adopts 45 Quenched and tempered steel. The strength is high. The jaw is made of special material and has good high temperature performance.

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