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Steel Plant Finished Steel Warehouse Crane

Sinokocrane focus on developping advanced crane solution for steel plant warehouse cranes for finished products,such as steel slab,steel billet,steel coil.Steel wire rod etc....

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Crane by German SMS company to provide technology and design, part of the direct introduction from the German machine, and the rest by the sinoko crane factory manufacturing and assembly, debugging. 

Steel Mill Plant Slab and Billet Lifting Electromagnet EOT Crane.jpg

The crane of heavy plate factory adopts double trolley, double main hoist structure or single trolley double main hoist structure. The crane of each main operation line is selected by single trolley mechanism, and the double crane structure is adopted for the crane of finished product storehouse. The mechanical part of the two winches on the trolley is directly connected with a long axis, so as to realize the mechanical synchronization of the two winches. 

Electromagnet Bridge Crane.jpg

Each car (two Taiwan winch) with a corresponding length of pole shaped spreader (beam). In order to prevent the hanger from swinging, the three ends of the spreader beam are automatically connected with the trolley beam through the automatic telescopic metal guide cylinder with the upper and the lower of the hook. 

In the production process, the rolled pieces (steel plate) are all electromagnetic lifting, so each crane is equipped with the length of the hanger beam electromagnetic hanging beam. The electromagnetic hanging beam is connected with the spreader (beam) directly through the hook on the spreader (beam), so as to facilitate the folding and unloading of the electromagnetic hanging beam. 

The dual trolley crane is equipped with two 12m long electromagnetic suspension beams, and the single trolley crane is equipped with a 25m long electromagnetic suspension beam. The longest electromagnetic hanging beam is 42m long. Each 12m long electromagnetic hanging beam is equipped with 5 rectangular electromagnetic sucker, 25m electromagnetic hanging beam is equipped with 9 rectangular electromagnetic sucker, 42m long electromagnetic hanging beam is equipped with 16 rectangular electromagnetic sucker. 

Double trolley crane hoist and motor, guide tube, electromagnetic hanging beam configuration, and a single car configuration is exactly the same, just two sets only.

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